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Spades: small size

Demand often exceeds supply for these useful and very sought after tools. These are the tools for flower border work because of their smaller size. As a professional horticulturalist with over 25 years of experience, I think that the old ones are far more nicely forged, better balanced, refined and much nicer to use than their modern equivalents. As far as I'm concerned, they look nicer too. Blades have been hardened, tempered and shaped so the blade starts out thicker at the top, gradually thinning towards the cutting edge. I find that this reduces the effort required to push them into the soil. That's my opinion anyway! Most commonly handled with well seasoned smooth ash which acts like a natural shock absorber. They are a pleasure to use and I certainly would not want be without mine! The product photos include a tape measure to give you the dimensions and overall length of each item.

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Swindell & Co Ltd

Mid 20th century

Brades 991

Bulldog of Wigan

early-mid 20thC

Elwell of Wednesbury


Span, England

Bulldog/English Tools

Child's spade: mid 20th century

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Watering can: 2.5 gallon £35.00
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Florist's bowl 9.5" £25.00
Florist's bowl 9.5" £25.00
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Strawberry spade £45.00
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Shovel: MOD 1965 £32.00
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Hoe: spud £18.00
Mattock: 1918 SOLD £29.00
Mattock: SOLD £18.00
Axe: 4lb Whitehouse £39.00
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Slasher: Brades 259-9" £35.00
Watering can: 3/4 gal £49.00
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