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Hand axes (hatchets)

The vast majority of our hand axes or hatchets are late 19th to mid 20th century in date. The main areas of manufacture were Sheffield and the West Midlands with reputable makers such as: C.T.Skelton, Spear & Jackson, Ward & Payne, Tyzack in the Sheffield area and A&F Parkes, Brades Co.(William Hunt & Sons), Edward Elwell, W. Gilpin and Cornelius Whitehouse in the West Midlands to name some. Old hand axes were made in a variety of different patterns and head weights. All our axes have been carefully restored, re-handled if necessary, sharpened and are ready to use. Our replacement handles are English made grade A hickory and are the best quality we can source. They have good 'body' to them unlike 'budget' alternatives which are thinner and less comfortable in the hand.