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Cultivators are useful for breaking up and loosening the soil surface where deeper forking or spading is not necessary or desirable. They engage on the pull stroke with their backward curved tines and are most commonly found in three or five tine patterns. The better quality examples have individually forged steel tines with each secured to the socket with a bolt. This makes them versatile tools in that individual tines can be removed and replaced in different configurations eg: five tine patterns can be used with one, two, three, four or five tines in place. Three tine patterns can be used with one, two or three tines in place. I have been using one recently to break up compacted soil in between rows of potatoes in order to make earthing them up much easier.

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Cultivator: 3 tine

Cultivator 3 tine

Bache Bros, Churchill

Forged individual tines

Cultivator: 3 tine

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