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Draw hoes

Draw hoes cut on the pull or draw stroke and are quite versatile tools. They were made in many different patterns so there was always one to suit your particular task. Whether or not you prefer this type to the push hoe is very much a matter of personal preference. However, they are particularly useful tools in vegetable growing and are used to make seed drills, earthing up potatoes, and of course removing weeds. When weeding the blade should be fairly sharp. The best time to hoe weeds is when the soil surface is dry and if it's breezy as well, happy days! Try and keep on top of your weeds while they're still small and don't let them flower and seed. Don't be afraid to sharpen it if required with a stone or file. However, many of these old hoes seem to maintain an edge through use and the fact that they are made of good, hardened tool steel.