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Watering cans

I have quite a liking for old watering cans and have a fair old collection of my own. They are most attractive and functional items to have in the garden. All our watering cans are fully functional and leak free. We always test them before they go on sale. They can be left outside all year round but a word of caution: do not leave them full of water during the coldest months. Sub-zero temperatures can cause severe damage through the expansion forces of freezing. I have seen many fine old watering cans that have been spoiled through this kind of damage. If I leave any of my treasured old cans outside I'll lean them upside down so they cannot fill with water.

The oldest watering can manufacturer in England is Haws. Founded by John Haws in 1885 who was dissatisfied with the then available watering can designs and thought he could do better with a design of his own. The new patented design with it's pouring and carrying handles, nice balance, long spout and quality innovative rose attachments was a great success and the Haws watering can company was born. The Haws brass medallion on the breast of the cans is a useful dating aid as it carries the address of the company at the time the can was made: Clapton, London 1885-1926; Clapton Works, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 1926-1953; Taylor Law (TALA) works, Stourbridge, West Midlands 1953-1976; Elliots (Haws-Elliot), Walsall, West Midlands 1976-1982, Smethwick, West Midlands 1982-present. Like many long established companies Haws has had it's ups and downs. The Company is now thriving and still making the fine quality watering cans it is known for. The long spouted, perfectly balanced watering can that John Haws designed in 1885 is still manufactured in Smethwick to this day.