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1950 MOD issue

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Axe: 4.5lb Elwell

A top quality 1950 issue 4.5lb axe made for the MOD by Elwell of Wednesbury. Retains the original MOD green painted hickory handle which is also stamped 'Elwell' and is the first one like this we've had in stock. Carefully sharpened to a keen edge and ready for use.

Edward Elwell had a fine reputation for consistent quality in edge tools going back to the 19th century in England and also exported their edge tools all over the world. In 1967 the parent company of Elwell and other Midlands makers, the Eva Group, merged with Spear and Jackson and formed a new garden and edge tool company: Spearwell Tools. A few years later Spear & Jackson bought out the Eva Group interest and are still in business to this day.

Price: £49.00 (P&P U.K. £6.50)

Reference number: PACT450.11

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In Stock: 1

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