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Onion hoe: solid forged

Onion hoe: solid forged
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Product SKU: SMHT247.81

Product: Onion hoe: solid forged

A quality, dainty little solid forged early-mid 20th century onion hoe. Forged from a single piece of tool steel. Particularly nice original shaped ash handle. No maker's mark just stamped with a number 5 probably for the size. Onions need to be kept weed free to do well and resent competition. These tools were originally designed to enable weeding to be carried out between onions without damaging them. They are useful in all areas of the garden where precision close-up weeding is needed.

Price: £18.00 (P&P U.K. £3.95)

Weight: 0.19kg

Reference number: SMHT:247.81

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