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Thistle spud

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Hoe: spud

An old heavy gauge solid forged socketed weeding spud. A new best quality English made traditional waisted pattern ash handle has been fitted by us and hand finished with a wax polish. The 'spud' weeding tool, which has nothing to do with potatoes, has ancient origins. Samuel Pepys mentions using one in his 17th century diaries. These tools were also used to weed amongst field crops and in some parts of the country were referred to as 'thistle spuds'. They are very useful for precision weeding amongst packed in border plants and veg crops where other types of hoe would be too large. As a child I always remember my late grandfather, who was a keen gardener, having one of these in his outhouse.

Price: £22.00 (P&P UK: £10.95 or collection welcome)

Weight: 0.81kg

Reference number: LAHT859.7

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In Stock: 1

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