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Mattock: SOLD

Mattock: SOLD
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Product SKU: LAHT851.5

Product: Mattock: SOLD

Top quality solid forged early-mid 2oth century mattock by Elwell of Wednesbury. This lighter weight pattern is known as a potato hoe and is the perfect tool for earthing up potatoes. A new English made waisted pattern ash handle has been rivetted on, sanded and finished with a wax polish.

A word on mattocks: These tools which can also be referred to as Canterbury hoe (blade pattern) or Canterbury fork (tined pattern) have very ancient origins were made in a huge variety of different blade patterns, head weights and handle lengths. They are very popular overseas and are enjoying something of a renaissance here. Mattocks allow you to break up hard ground and cultivate the soil without lifting the weight of a soil spit unlike using a spade. Shorter handle, lighter patterns can be used as a planting tool. With some practice in use they are very efficient tools.

Product code: LAHT851.5

Price: SOLD (P&P UK: 3-5 working day courier £6.50)

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