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Mattock: 1918 SOLD

Mattock: 1918 SOLD
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Product SKU: LAHT851.61

Product: Mattock: 1918 SOLD

Exactly 100 years old in 2018 and still going strong! A WW1 MOD 1918 issue trenching mattock made by J Yates & Co. of Birmingham and stamped accordingly. Great little piece of history. A new best quality English made hickory handle has been fitted by us secured with a glued in wooden wedge and finished with a metal one. These trenching tools were made for MOD issue and with a pick on one side and a mattock blade on the other are now versatile tools for use in the garden.

A word on mattocks: These tools which can also be referred to as Canterbury hoe (blade pattern) or Canterbury fork (tined pattern) have very ancient origins were made in a huge variety of different blade patterns, head weights and handle lengths. They are very popular overseas and are enjoying something of a renaissance here. Mattocks allow you to break up hard ground and cultivate the soil without lifting the weight of a soil spit unlike using a spade. Shorter handle, lighter patterns can be used as a planting tool. They are also useful for 'earthing up' potatoes and indeed some patterns are listed as 'potato hoes' in old catalogues. With some practice in use they are very efficient tools.

Product code: LAHT851.61

Price: SOLD (P&P UK: 3-5 working day courier £6.50)

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